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Many things can happen, even to the newest of computers. Things like viruses, spyware, registry errors, file corruption, junk software preinstalled by manufacturers, and hardware issues.

Don't worry we are here to help!

We also do hardware and software upgrades. Let us upgrade your PC to Windows 10 today for only $35.00. There are very few PC's that are unable to run Microsoft's newest operating system.

We handle problems with computers from almost every manufacturer and just about every operating system including: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, earlier versions of windows, Linux, and Mac.

Need a new PC?
Give us a call, we will help you choose the PC that is right for your needs, or even build you a PC customized to your needs and wants, or even give one of your old PC's some new life.

We also customized operating systems for your computer for almost any purpose. For example: We have customized an operating system that only runs a web browser, and nothing else. It doesn't use windows, and there are no other programs on the computer that run or are accessable to anyone using it. It is even restricted to just a few websites that the customer needed to access and nothing more. This type of setup can be done for almost any purpose you can imagine.


Small Office and home networking can sometimes be a problem. Do you know if your network is secure? Confused about how to setup and configure your new wireless router? Do you even know which router is right for your situation?

Take all the work out of your home or small office networking by letting us do it for you. Everything from setting up and configuring a new wireless router, to finding the best networking hardware for your needs.

Other Services include: Home theater setup, gaming console setup configuring and upgrading, disk to digital services.