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Techs Around Partnership
Dubs Computer Service has partnered with Techs Around. They provide tech services all over the county, and because I am unable to travel everywhere or service everyone these guys will take great care of you and your technology. You can even earn some extra income if you sign up to become one of their techs. All it takes is a little bit of knowlege with technology. Visit www.techsaround.com for more info, or www.techsaround.com/search.php to be paired with a tech near you.

P.S. - If you search for a tech in Sussex Count, NJ or Warwick, NY there is a strong posibilty I will be personally handling your request.

PC Services

Hardware Replacement and Upgrades

Hard Drive*
Solid State Hard Drive*
Laptop Screens*
Graphics Cards (desktops only)*
Network Cards*
Mother Boards (desktops only)*
Other Parts*


New software package install and configure
Software upgrades and updates
Operating system updates
Operating system upgrades
New Operating system install, or reinstall
Factory software and bloatware removal
New PC setup and configure


Secure data wipe
Data recovery
Customized Data backups
Customized Operating System Backups

Cleaning and Maintenance

Desktop Dirt and Dust Removal*
Laptop Dirt and Dust Removal*
Hard drive optimization
Virus scan and removal
Performance testing and optimization

Networking Services

Router installation and configuration
includes one device
Add a device to an existing network
NAS drive setup and configure
includes one user
Add a user or device to NAS
Network penetration and stress testing

Game Consoles

setup and configuration
data transfer
HDD upgrade
Dirt and Dust removal*

Disk to Digital

Please click here for more information
VHS Tapes
Digital to digital conversion
Media to CD, DVD, Blu-ray

Other Services

Free Estimates
Customized operating systems
Order processing fee for parts
Home theater setup, and configuration
Phone rooting or jailbreaking if possible

* in very rare situations some of these services may void the factory warrenty